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A Bit About Us

Established in early June 2021, Exercise Animatic is the brainchild of our founder, Nicolas Andreou. Motivated by a vision to provide his clients with the highest quality exercise demonstrations, Nicolas embarked on a mission to transcend traditional mediums. He sought to offer an unparalleled visual experience that captured the essence of each exercise with utmost precision and clarity.

After an extensive period of research, Nicolas discovered a significant gap in the market: a scarcity of exercise demonstration animations that met his stringent criteria for quality, consistency, and accuracy. He noted that the available resources were often of inferior quality, lacked uniformity, and, most critically, posed a risk of injury due to their imprecision.

Determined to address this void, Nicolas conceptualized a revolutionary approach that would leverage accurate kinetics to produce exercise animations. This vision led to the assembly of a dedicated team, united by the goal of creating exceptional exercise demonstration animations. Through their collective expertise and commitment to excellence, they have succeeded in producing a library of animations characterized by their SUPERB quality and accuracy, setting a new standard in exercise visualization.

At Exercise Animatic, we are proud to offer these cutting-edge animations, ensuring that users have access to reliable and precise exercise demonstrations. Our commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive us forward, as we constantly seek to expand and enhance our offerings for the benefit of our clients.

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Nicolas Andreou
CEO & Founder of N.C.A. Health & Wellness LTD
Founder of Exercise Animatic

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