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Frequently Asked Questions

I Subscribed and I am eligible for FREE UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS. How do I do that?

Congratulations and welcome to our family! Please allow for a maximum of 12 hour period to process your Membership at which point we will create your OWN CUSTOM coupon code. Within the aforementioned time period, you will receive via email your Coupon code which should only be used by you and simply add your videos in your cart and complete your order including your code. You will automatically receive a download link at the thank you page and an email with the download link for your purchased Content.

Simply add your videos or the video bundle in your cart and complete your order. You will automatically receive a download link at the thank you page and an email with the download link for your purchased Content.

Why is your logo in the middle of the video?

Our logo is placed on top of the display videos in our shop to protect from piracy and fraudulent downloads. 
Your purchased videos will NOT have any protection logos on top.

Can't find the exercise you are looking for?

Please send us a chat message requesting the exercises you would like to see included on our website and we will create it the soonest possible. And don't forget to subscribe on our newsletter to get news on our latest exercise video releases.

What can I use the digital content for?

The license we provide with each video is suitable for use in projects or products that you are intending to monetize, whether that is to monetize on YouTube or create apps or video courses, enrich your paid/subscription based website, for your eBooks or even if you are a freelancer creating digital products for your clients. 

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I like?

Yes, absolutely you can cancel your subscription whenever you like. Your subscription perks will still be valid until the last day of the current billing period. 
To Cancel your subscription just follow these easy steps:
Log In to your account and go into your profile page -> Press the 'My Subscriptions' Button and the cancellation button should be right there. Or just contact us at and let us know that you'd like to cancel your subscription.

Make sure to update where you will use your videos.

To avoid any copyright strikes, please take a bit of time to update your account information. You should add your social media links where you will upload your purchased videos. Also make sure to include your website/s or app/s.

What is your refund policy?

Which payment methods do you accept and what about Security?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), and Discover. We utilize the SSL SECURE Stripe credit card processing which is certified as a PCI Service Provider, being the HIGHEST & BEST-IN-CLASS Certification(Read more HERE). We do not process or handle any of your payment data.

Please read our refund policy HERE.

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